Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giveaway Time

Over a A Nu(de) Motivation they are having a wonderful giveaway that ends July 25th.
Go check it out. Looks like there are some great cook books up for grabs. While you are there entering check out the message of the blog. I think they have created a positive environment so gead over and give some more positivity.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First God Workings!

With Solstice came a breath of fresh new air. For the first time I felt the god around me. I am used to working with the goddess and have wanted to experience god work but have been to shy. Also, being an ex catholic I feel like I still have some resentment to the term god. I am working on this because I believe in the balance of energies and that I should not allow my catholic upbringing to hinder me in anyway on my new spiritual path. So when solstice came and I felt the new presence I decided to create a god figure. Early this month I was at my partner’s property that he wants to develop into an eco-village and I decided to collect some cactus skeletons and other various supplies to create something to symbolize the spirit and idea of the eco-village.
I started with the simple idea of making a god figure and I knew right away what was going to be the body and what was going to be the head. When I started I didn’t think there was going to be an actual face on the head, but after my partner mentioned the idea I thought it would look great with one. The first step was to glue the cactus skeleton to the branch like body. To me the cactus skeleton reminds me of armor of a warrior (very fitting for the god). I happened to pick two pieces that fit quite nicely around the branch and make a solid circle. Next I glued the yucca dried fruit to the tip of the branch. I then placed the garnet on the future face side. The glue took a very long time to dry and I don’t want to use non-natural products so if you have any other suggestions please let me know!!!
Next I constructed the bow and air like contraption on his back. It is a made from a pod of a velvet mesquite tree. The pod had a wonderful shape and since I had to knock it off with a pinecone. I took a Palo Verde needle and yucca fibers from the exterior of the plant to make the strap for the bow. Bobby helped me with the yucca fibers. He told me to put them in warm water to help bind the separate fibers into one. I then twisted them and Bobby used the Palo Verde needle to poke a hole in the pod and string the strap through. In my opinion it turned out amazingly!
Then came the arms. It was very hard to find the right size branch that I was going to cut to use. It had to have the right angles for an elbow and to look like a hand. And since there is spikes on the joints they had to face the right way and look like fierce shoulder pads. Loved the way they turned out.

Finally the face came and I just glued some pebbles and cactus skeleton to form the ferocious mask I made. Then I glued the whole figure to a crystal like stone that I found on the property and let it sit. The process took almost a whole day to dry. It was not an easy dry either, many time the statue fell over and I really had a freak out. This is also why I hope to find a natural alternative to glue.
It took an entire day in the sun and working with the male power was intense but so worth it. I really was happy with the way my solstice went and can’t wait to create more.