Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What to do when you are lost...

Recently my life has taken a drastic shift. My partner and I ended our relationship and are transitioning to friendship. This is not an easy task and something that I have never wanted to do before with an ex. Honestly the road ahead is filled with tricky turns and blocks that I am not fully prepared for but with the grace of the Goddess I will make it thru.
In this time of great crossroads in my life I find myself exploring the Goddess Hecate. She is the Goddess of magick, witchcraft, and crossroads. In ancient times people would leave offerings, poles, and altars for Hecate at the crossroads.
It is said that, food was often left at the crossroads to honor Hecate, especially at junctions where three roads met. Frequently a pole was erected at the intersection and three masks would be hung from it to pay homage to Hecate and to request her guidance in helping to choose the right direction.
This seems kind of hard to do now-a-days but part of me feels compelled to leave an offering of something at a crossroads. I feel as if Hecate is calling me to look inward and look into the future for some insight. She is the goddess that can offer these wonderful gifts and as such when I feel such a calling I know I must make an offering. I do not believe that I have to make an offering to work with Hecate, but to me it is part of the process. The universe works in a reciprocal way. There needs to be a balance in the universe and to me that means I need to make an offering to the area I live in. Appeasing the area I live in is important because the spirits of this place have made this one of the most welcoming and loving places to live.

Back to Hecate. She is the great teacher of change! She is there to us release negative things from the past, especially those things that are not serving our personal growth any longer. She is also the mother of acceptance. Accept the things we cannot change and accept the change that comes with it. I also read that "She sometimes asks us to let go of what is familiar, safe, and secure and to travel to the scary places of the soul". During this time of transition I feel an extra special bond to Hecate because I need a teacher to help me let go and search within myself for the answers. My mentor is on a spiritual retreat for the next week and I already miss her. There are some things I need to learn to cope with on my own and this is one of the lessons. Then again we are never really alone we just feel lonely.
New beginnings are not easy but Hecate is there at the crossroads waiting to guide us down the path we choose and lead us with her torch.

On Saturday I am participating in a LongDance and we will be drumming from 9pm till we fall asleep. This is connect with my sister witch on her retreat in Washington. I hope that Hecate will be there to guide me as Sacred Yellow Drum guides us into a deep trance where answers can be found and the world of energy maybe accessed.

Blessed Be Sisters!
Ponderosa Pagan