Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blog Giveaway time

Nydia over at Bringing up Salamanders is having an amazing giveaway that ends September 1st.
Nydia is a wonderful mom, witch, and creatrice. Check out her Etsy shop and tell her what you like!
I am hoping to get the Stag god if I win. You can definitely tell that she puts so much love and effort into her creations.

A post is soon to come if anyone still reads them anymore.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saving the Peaks

There has been a long fought battle since the begining of this country and many people on both sides have felt upset and betrayed. What I am speaking of is the struggle of sacred space vs public space and expressions of religious freedom. Too many people religious freedom means that they get to express their form of christianity and their personal beliefs, but we all know that many christians want to have religious freedom for those who only worship Jesus.
Well sad news for them but we live in a place that prides itself on religious freedom and it is time that "christians" and the country live up to the freedom of religion.
One issue I discovered more in depth this summer is the struggle of many native americans to be respected for their religious choices. Living in Flagstaff always brings up touchy issues with the respect for nature and the respect for the need of the town to grow. Many people in the town moved here because it is small and nestled into the beautiful landscape of the San Franscico Peaks. Those who truely know about the peaks know that they are sacred to over 13 Native American tribes and for decades Snowbowl, a ski resort on the peaks, has been trying to create more and more ski runs and now Snowbowl wants to create fake snow.
The fake snow is created from reclaimed water. Few studies about reclaimed water point in a positive direction but still Snowbowl wants to create fake snow.The fake snow will disrupt the flow of mother nature and in my opinion it could be as bad on the environment as dumping sewage and even oil on the earth. I have full confidence that whatever we throw at mother nature she will be able to handle and will far out last us. But until then we have to make sure that those around remember the importance of the earth and remember to respect all religions.
Bobby and I went to a rally in Phoenix for the Save the Peaks coalition to help support those who are not for fake snow and support religious freedom. In my opinion if this were a church no one would even dream of doing something so potentially harmful to the people who worship there.
It felt good to join with those who were fighting for something this country says has no meaning. I do not live my life that way and hope that adding my energy to this cause will help.
I would love if anyone cna send their energy and thoughts and prayers to this cause. We all seemed to help with the oil spill in the gulf so hopefully we can help send some positive healing vibes to the Peaks.

For more information check out for more information on reclaimed snow!
Blessed be,