Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Mabon/Ostara

Happy Mabon to all those in the Northern Hemisphere! And happy Ostara to my friends in the Southern Hem.
Today is a beuatiful day here in Northern Az. I am loving what the weather is. It is still a little hot but I cannot wait for Samhain.
I feel like my life is crazy right now. I need to be more focused. I am hoping that Samhain will help to ground me and get me going back on the narrow again. Now what to do till then???? HMMM........
I have lots to focus on for the next month and hopefully will be able to do it. School just seems so unimportant when I am doing my spiritual stuff. ( Not sure if I like using stuff, but that is what came out) When I am out in nature, soaking up the goddess and all her splendor I feel whole. One day that will be what I can do.
Sorry for the randomness of the post but my mind is so scattered now. Maybe Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween that is starting in 4 DAYS will distract you all and me included.
Blessed be all,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I am busy as a bee this week. It started out on Monday with an amazing Neo-Pagan Alliance meeting! It was the first of the semester and the turn out was amazing! We had about 12 people show up to the first meeting, which is double that of our first meeting last semester so I couldn't be happier. I think there are about 6-8 people that seem very interested and I hope they keep coming back. The exciting thing is that there are people who cannot make it to our meeting time and are still very interested. I am not sure if we Will be able to change our meeting time but who knows. I just feel like the goddess sent some of her positive energy to start the week off right!
I really think that there was a good mix of people at the meeting and am very hopeful for the upcoming year. We are hoping to do a henna tattoo event next week as an event to get to know each other and to get our clubs name out to the students. We are really hoping to put on an event for the school this year whether it is a May Day celebration or a pagan pride festival. I am putting it out into the universe that if it is going to work out I need someone to help out with the planning so I can make sure I still graduate on time.
In other news, I recently purchased some books and many of them came from an interview that Mrs. B had with Judika Illes.
After reading the interview Mrs B had with her I really was inspired to go purchase some nice books to expand my reading. I ended up getting Pure Magic, Encyclopedia of Spirits, and Dictionary of angels. It was really great to get them in the mail. I felt like I was getting presents everyday.
I also received Mother Moon's giveaway gift for me! I am so grateful that she was kind enough to send me something even though I missed the giveaway I actually won. Thank you again so much. I have just one question though, what is in the perfume bottle?
I was so happy to see inside of it incense, candles and a 2011 Herbal Almanac! I am super excited to use this in the up coming year and I think it will be perfect for the Neo-Pagan Alliance for our herbal candle making.

I am about as happy as a pagan running in the forest sky clad. HAHHAHA I tried the pagan humor I am not sure if it worked though.
Anyway, today is a day of cleaning for me. I am cleaning my room and saging immediately. I need a fresh start. My apartment still doesn't really feel like mine. I am also going to use a garlic protection spell that my friend Caitlin made. I am really super excited. My altar needs to be cleaned and rearranged so I figured I would so a ritual cleansing of it. I am working on a altar cleansing spell, as well as designing a little ritual around it. Wish me luck.
When I get it all done I will post pics here! And my writings.

Hope you all have a witchy weekend!!! And get ready for the Equinox/Ostara and full moon!
Blessed be!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Giveaway arrivals!

Today I got my amazing giveaway prize in the mail! They are amazing and I cannot wait to cook with them. As soon as I do I will take some pictures and post them here.
I think my first step will be to clean my kitchen and do a blessing from Mrs. B's blog and then use a recipe from the Hubble Bubble book.

The other cook book I received was Peace Recipes and I find this so fasicnating because my partner is a buddhist, It appears the goddess had destined me to win this giveaway, one book for a witch and one for a buddhist and in this family we have both!
Thank you to A Nu(de) Motivation for holding the giveaway and trust that all meals will be made with full love to foster personal growth and to positive body image of all!
Blessed be!