Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Mabon/Ostara

Happy Mabon to all those in the Northern Hemisphere! And happy Ostara to my friends in the Southern Hem.
Today is a beuatiful day here in Northern Az. I am loving what the weather is. It is still a little hot but I cannot wait for Samhain.
I feel like my life is crazy right now. I need to be more focused. I am hoping that Samhain will help to ground me and get me going back on the narrow again. Now what to do till then???? HMMM........
I have lots to focus on for the next month and hopefully will be able to do it. School just seems so unimportant when I am doing my spiritual stuff. ( Not sure if I like using stuff, but that is what came out) When I am out in nature, soaking up the goddess and all her splendor I feel whole. One day that will be what I can do.
Sorry for the randomness of the post but my mind is so scattered now. Maybe Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween that is starting in 4 DAYS will distract you all and me included.
Blessed be all,


Willow Silverhorse said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! And to answer your question about the Inspiring Witches Halloween Blog Party you can use anyone you like. You're post can be dedicated to someone you love on TV or anyone in real life. I'll probably do mine over my mom, grandma, and one TV witch (haven't decided which one yet lol). However you choose to do it, it just has to mean something to you, that's the only rule! So welcome to the blog party and I look forward to seeing your contribution on the 13th!