Saturday, October 2, 2010

Surprises in the mail!

The past few days have been really really hard for me. I have been put in a position I had hoped to never have to be in with one of my best friends and my partner. I am not sure how it will play out but I am hoping that the package I got in the mail will be enough. I forgot that after I didn't win Nydia's giveaway on her blog I knew that I needed to buy somethings from her. I was really excited to support another witch and to add to my collection of witchy items.

What I got in the mail was a Tree of Life god. He is so beutiful I can't wait to find a place for him and call on him for some guidance.

Next we have the mini freya goddess! I really love that color on this one. I have worked with Freya in the past and I think she might actually be really awesome for me to do some magic with her. With her influences at my altar hopefully I can get back on track.

Finally Nydia sent me a Dia de Los Muertos skull magnet! I love it.
Like I said I had totally forgotten the fact that I ordered these and to have them come at a time when I need some guidance is great. I wonder if Nydia put any herbs into the dolls while creating them. Anyone know any herbs that are good for conflict? And I mean helping to solve or reduce the effects of conflict in a home?

This new god and goddess will enlighten my life in one way or another so I guess I will have to sit, wait, and see!

I found this amazing plant the other day and was just reminded of how amazing the goddess can be at any point!!!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

the added speciality about Nydia's work is that she puts so much of herself into each piece she creates.. All that energy only makes her wares that more special. Guidance and blessings come when we least expect it and when we most need and deserve it...

Nydia said...


I'm sorrya bout this hard time. Breath in-out deeply! I do hope things get fixed asap and you have your balance and harmony back again in your life.

I know valerian is great for bringing back peace at home (I used it some times when living with my ex), just be careful to use a tiny pinch of it, since it's a stinky herb! Make a tea and spray it around the house when you're alone.

Thank you for your lovely words on your new babies, I'm glad you loved Them! I hope they help you somehow... I did added a pinch of min on Freya (one of Her sacred herbs), and I'm sorry that I got a blank rigt now, and just can't remember if I added some to the God! I should have put Thuya, the Tree of life herb itself (that would be a good idea to consecrate your God, to use this herb on the ritual).

Blessed be, my friend, and I hope that things will be okay. I learned with my grandpa that the best for us is always next.

Kisses and love from us.

Diandra said...

Verbena is your herb at the moment. It helps gain balance, strengthens diplomacy and supports resolving conflicts. You can use it as incense or tea, and it can also be used in food. Good luck!

Ponderosa Pagan said...

I totally agree mother moon!
I definitely left that point out. When creating something sacred or something that would be used in a sacred way it is important to do it with the right intention. Clear positive mind and love. When we create out of love we send all those wonderful feelings of love to the person who receives the item.
I will look in verbena and valerian. I do not know much about either!
Thank you all

D.Suplicki said...

I adore Nydia's work. I have a God and Goddess of hers on my altar. :)

Welcome to the blog party, I can completely relate to needing something to keep your mind off of issues right now. I hope the party is just the distraction you need! :)