Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heart Break

The universe dealt me a huge blow on wednesday. I found out that I will not be able to study abroad bc of financial reasons. I am terribly sad by this but the weird thing is that when I woke up that morning I knew I was not going to be able to go.
I know this was my body preparing me and maybe a tip from the goddess so that I wouldn't take the news as hard.
I tried all I could to find more options of going, but unfortunately all that came about as a possible way for me to go had to much attached with it.
I went through my sadness but I can say that I know I will get through it. When I was speaking with Madrone she helped to confirm all that I knew. She helped to put things into perspective. She also said the hard things, which I knew but didn't want to acknowledge them.
Things always happen for a reason! I am a firm believer in that and on some level maybe I was not ready to go to France. Madrone pointed out that perhaps I need a rooted summer, which is very reflective of my garden that I started this year. Now I will get to see my garden take full root and become the amazing garden I want it to be.
I will just have to spend this summer working in my garden and catching up on my arts and crafts. I feel like this will be the summer that I can connect with something I have been missing.

I will be setting some intentions for this summer and really rooting myself in my path. Time for some exploration and I can't wait!

Blessed be!