Saturday, February 19, 2011

Home Remedies

Sorry for my long absence but I am back and ready for action. I am going to try and set aside an hour or so each week to make sure that I am actually blogging. I have found that my time and my energy are elsewhere and I am not liking the results of the placement of the energy.
So yesterday my partner and I went to this wonderful new club that is forming on campus right now. It is all about medicinal plants. The group doesn't have a name yet, but it is a branch of the SLUG organization on campus with is a club for students centered around Urban Gardening. The gardening club is awesome but this club really seems to be up my alley.
Yesterday was the 3rd meeting of the semester and I am so happy my partner and I went.
We were convinced by Marina, my partner's mentor/friend) she is a resident elder in the applied indigenous studies program and she is amazing. She has so many stories of medicinal plants and many many other amazing stories.

The meeting was about home remedies we use instead of using modern medicine. Some of the ideas were amazing, some were very useful, and some were just good to know.
The first one is Lavender.
Lavender I found out is great depression. One of the ladies there told us that she take a sprig of lavender boils it with cinnamon sticks and some honey in a small amount of water. Let is boil for about 10 mins and then pour into a cup. She told us that it is a sure fix for depression at the moment. It was great to hear. Especially if you are just feeling down I think this would be perfect to use.

Next was Celery Tea.
This recipe is to help acid reflux disease. The woman who spoke about this talked about her severe acid problems and aside from the acid, she said that it helps her relieve stress when nothing else will work.
what you do: go to the store and buy celery stalks with leaves on them. For this recipe you just need the celery leaves! You cut off the celery leaves and place them into a pot to boil with just enough water to cover the leaves. Boil for about 10 mins and then let cool and ingest. She advised to drink 15-30 mins before a meal or an hour to 2 after the meal! For her when nothing else would work this did. She also said that you cannot just eat the leaves you have to actually boil them.

Garlic was next. We all know garlic is amazing and has wonderful protective and healing properties, but the gentleman who presented it used Garlic as a wart remover. You can use Garlic or onions and what you do is take a sliced garlic clove and apply it to the wart and then tape it there. Another better way is to apply some animal fat first then apply the garlic. He said he thinks this is better because the garlic concentrates in the fat and it delivers a potent dose. His only note was continue even after the wart is gone, because warts are tricking and have deep roots. Home remedies are good but just like antibiotics if you don't commit to using your full dosage it will not help!

Next is Marshmallow root. This is one that I know of. Marshmallow root is a remedy that helps with lung condition, it can also be applied to the skin externally to help with skin conditions. I was given it as a child for asthma. You can ingest the plant or you can use it topically.

Then came my favorite. Aloe and alfalfa. Marina swears that this keeps you young and beautiful for as long as you choose. What you do is scrape out the inside of an aloe vera leaf and you mix it together with alfalfa sprouts and you have yourself an instance aging potion. It is a thick mixture and the aloe does have a bitter taste. Marina says that it keeps you looking young and vibrant and gives you tons of energy. Another woman in the group said that her grandmother just used to eat the aloe vera inside and she had endless energy. I think that this is my favorite one and I cannot wait to try it. If you have or know anyone who has let me know!

As with all home remedies I would say look into it if it is for you and use with caution. If you have problems check with your physician, but to be honest I trust the men and women who offered remedies.

Do you have a favorite home remedy? What is it, does it work, would your recommend it? I really would love to hear what all of you do so please let me know!


Robin Larkspur said...

This club sounds very exciting, and good for you for learning about natural remedies...good luck with learning all of these healing arts. There are so many wonderful books on the subject. I recommend Scott Cunningham and Ellen Dugan, just for two. I use herbs for for spell casting and aromatherapy. I have a sensitive stomach, so I am very hesitant about actually using plants medicinally...that is just me..I think people who study and learn all the safe practices of healing plants are to be admired!!

Wendy said...

Welcome back, Christian! You write about herbs/flowers so wonderfully. I've been eating a lot of lavender lately. I found this amazing baker on Etsy that makes the most delicious lavender cupcakes, bread, etc..And it's interesting that it's connected for alleviating depression, as I've been feeling really blue lately. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you learn and how you use your new knowledge.