Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter plans taking root!

This winter season has been wonderful for the Neo-Pagan Alliance. I feel so blessed because Mark, Liz, Becca and I all started the semester sowing seeds for the club. We met and planned out half of the semester! It was lovely. The seeds that were planted 2 months ago have taken root and are sprouting. The last NPA meeting we had 13 people there. It was a dream of mine come true. The people who have joined the club truly have made my pagan experience so far. I have started a community that I can participate in and see flourish. Many of the members have made new connections with each other and it is beautiful to see the pagan community I desired coming to fruition.
This semester is my last semester and it will be 2 years that I spent with the NPA. I have met so many beautiful people and will continue to meet more. I also am super excited because the NPA is going to be hosting a public ritual during our schools Earth Week.
It is going to be an Earth healing ritual with the main element being Water!
I cannot wait for this to happen. We are forming a subcommittee (the first in the clubs history) to form the ritual. The committee has myself and my mentor and 4 other members! I am super excited because this will be my debut (if you will allow me to indulge) as a pagan to the whole campus. I NEVER thought I would be doing that in my college career. I have a pride about my paganism and am proiud to stand up and offer a healing to Mother Earth on my campus.

The ritual will be wonderful and as soon as I have it complete I will post it up here for you all to see.

Another big event for the NPA is our Beltane camping trip. We are going to be camping from Saturday night to Sunday May 1st. I cannot wait! We have a lot of people interested and it seems like it will turn out amazingly! We are in the process of finding a spot and making lists of what we will need.
This semester is turning out to be a beautiful expereince and I feel so blessed to be able to end my college experience with this amazing club!

PS I am gearing up for Country Witch's 15 days of Welcoming the God. If you haven't checked it out you should!

Blessed be!


Robin Larkspur said...

What a bright, exciting, hopeful and enthusiastic post! Your energy is just beaming out of blogger right into my heart!! I hope all your plans will be successful. The camping trip on Beltane sounds wonderful!! I will look forward to reading your Earth Healing ritual!! Brightest Blessings to you!!! Robin.

SilverFox said...

Such an upbeat and inspiring post! I so wish we had a community of some sort here, that I knew of anyway. I don't know many people here and have yet to meet any other Wiccans/Pagans...
I hope you have a wonderful time!

andrea said...

life is surprising sometimes! we find people that will support our spirituality and help each other to grow, just like your seeds !

Christian said...

silverfox I was looking around for them so hard. luckily I did find one or two that connected me with a few other pagans, but the truth is I had to creat my own. It was hard but I did it!
And andrea I totally agree with you!