Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Last summer I worked at a summer camp as the nature specialist and the farm manager and I loved it. I had worked at this camp the previous summer as well but just as a counselor. Going back to camp for a second time was different because I was much further on my path than the first time I left. I had some goddess work to do, you could say.
My first mission was to revamp the entire programs and put a focus back on reconnecting with the Earth (they should never pick a pagan for a position like this lol). My first step was to make sure my animals were in order and once that was done move onto the gardens. I learned to garden from a very special woman named Suna. She taught me all I learned this summer and she really inspired me to make mu own garden at home. Her garden at her house is just too amazing for words. So at camp, we made 3 gardens all of which I got to see grow beautifully ( as many plants will do in Massachusetts weather). Also, at camp besides just starting to the gardens I wanted to start a compost pile. I thought it was not right to be wasting all the food that campers would not eat. So Suna and I came up with a compost project. The project had to get approved by my supervisor and once that was handled ( which was not easy by hte way) we formed our pie out of chicken wire and started making compost. I will not be going back this year which is sad enough, but I also will not get to see the progress of the compost pile. I will have to call someone and see how it is.

But back to my blog!
When I came back from camp I felt like I needed to continue growing plants. I missed looking at my gardens everyday and seeing what was ready to eat. So I talked with my partner Bobby, and we decided to plant our own garden. Bobby is a huge plant enthusiast and wanted to plant some native plants as well as herbs and veggies. Before we headed down to Sedona to start the garden ( Bobby's family has a house down there) we went to the Native Plant and Seed shop and bought our seeds. Most of the seeds we bought were from this man named Thunderfoot. He self pollinates his own plants and they are all organic. I was really excited to plant and see the results.
So we headed down to Sedona and got started the next day. Let me first state that the gorund is not very nice around these parts and we denfinately had to put a lot of work into getting the soil ready. First we had to take the weed barrier out.

That was not a very hard part but next came turning the soil. We didn't dig to far down becuase 1. the soil was very clay like the further you went down and 2. I learned from Suna that soil has a certain structure and it is good to try and keep it if you can. After digging up the entire thing, Bobby starting at one end and me starting at the other. It took us about an hour and a half or maybe 2 hours. But we did it. After digging up all that ground we decided to take a break and get a snack. I believe it is very important to stay hydrated but also to eat because when someone is working out in the garden it can be an all day thing. So after out break we did a run through of what still had to be done.
1) put the compost in
2) put the top soil down
3) put the mulch down
4) plant some plants and seeds

As you can see we had a lot to do still.
Next we took out our organic compost that we bought when we purchased seeds and we put the compost over the turned soil. After lightly raking the compost and natural soil together, we added top soil to that. After lightly raking those soils together we added mulch on top of everything. It was a long process that resulted in a beautiful garden.
Bobby and I then planted some of our seeds into the ground. We wanted to plant some (mostly because I was so excited to have a garden) and also because the frosts were over for Sedona. We also added some bigger plants that will help to shade some of the herbs that need shade and also to add some more like to the garden. I am used to a garden being very lined up and having rows with signs in them saying what they are. But with Bobby he is not like that. He is a permaculturist as well as a do nothing gardener so when he was planting the seeds he didn't put them in rows or in any order and I almost died. It was a good lesson for me in other types of gardening and also helped me to realize that there isn't just one way to do something.
After we finished I called Bobby over to the middle of the garden and asked him to say a blessing over the garden. He said his blessing and I then I said mine. It was very nice to close the day with the goddess. She was the reason for my passions in gardens and she brought Bobby and I closer than ever.
All thats left is to start the other seeds in the starter set at home.
Blessed be!