Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The happenings of Litha

I know its kinda of late but I wanted to update on what I did for my Litha celebration.
I actually celebrated a day early but that is ok because at the time I really thought it was solstice, but anyway, I was in a bad mood because of my uncle and decided that I needed to spend time in my garden and create something.
I actually created two things this Litha, 1. is a wonderful god figure that will be my next post and 2. is I planted a new garden. Unfortunately my other garden in Sedona has been a slight failure. The corn and sunflowers are wonderful and have helped to ease the pain but I can't help but want a full garden. The truth is that since it was the first year for the garden of course it wasn't going to be a huge success especially with the soil there, but the goddess always has something planned.
There was already so much life in the backyard of my inlaws that while creating my figure I had to plant seeds. I found out that you should plant seeds by solstice because something about the seed knows that now it is heading towards cold weather. I learned this from a Hopi man so I am hoping that he knows what he is saying.
To get ready for the garden I cleared the space of mulch, because I like lines and no mulch unlike my partner, but I will eventually put the mulch back. I drew up a map of where I wanted to place the seeds and after that I started planting them.
I planted spinach, lettuce, collards, broccoli, basil, dill, mustard and and edible flower!!!
I also planted garlic all around my garden hoping that they will help to protect the garden from bad bugs, but I am not sure if they will or not.
Here are some pics to update after one week of growing.
Here is the little spinach growing with all its might!

The broccoli

Collard Greens, they look the same as the broccoli right now.

The lettuce is doing amazingly well

Here is the garlic and the fence I put around it!

I wish things would have started growing sooner, but I know that Vegas stays warm till about October. So hopefully we will have a bountiful harvest this year!
Next update will be the god figure!
Blessed be!


Dieachtensteel said...

I'm hoping to get a garden started this fall semester, but I know NOTHING about gardening at all. Which is weird, since I guess as a pagan I should have an understanding of how things grow, haha.

Ponderosa Pagan said...

No way. You can have a great garden. It is all about the top soil I have found. If you are gowing in a raised bed then you have a high chance of success because you will have such rich soil. But dont be afraid to start perennials in pots indoors and then take them out when the weather is right. I am working on that right now

Nydia said...

A step at a time and soon you will have a beautiful herb garden! The baby plants look lovely alerady.

Can't wait to see your God posted! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.