Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heal our Mother

On Monday I participated in Heal the Water with my partner Bobby and with my new altar that my mother-in-law gave me. I was worried that I wouldn't know what to do but when I was at the bank with my partner I saw a box of crayons and sone paper so I decided to make a drawing. I must have been inspired by Nydia's son Lucas becasue I saw his drawing and must have channeled that. Nydia is actually the one who came up with the wonderful idea of continuing the ritual every Monday and I encourage you to all participate if you can!
Here is the picture I drew. It is the ocean with the oil slick in the water. But I didn't want to have that be permanent since I am sending my healing vibes to the Gulf so I decided to put green over it symbolizing the recovery of the water under the oil. Then I drew purple around it because purple is a spiritual healing color. Then I was sparked with a genius idea (from the goddess I am sure) and decided to draw the triple moon spirit sending out her yellow healing power. I also put a pentacle on there for healing earth power.
On top of that I placed a blue bowl and in that I pour salt for cleansing and say "Heal our mother" and then place a garnet in the bowl as well and say "protect our mother!".
I am really happy knowing that I am joining in with witches all over the world on Mondays sending our healing energy to our mother.

In other news PLEASE send your healing vibes to my home of Flagstaff Az. Unfortunately there is a huge fire burning 5 miles away from my home. It has scroched over 14,000 acres of forest. I know that the forest will rise from the ashes like a phoenix but until that time the fire needs to be contained. Please take the time to send out your healing touch to the forest if you can.
Here are some pictures of the smoke coming from the fire:

Blessed Be!


Nydia said...

Thank you for joining me in such a deep and beautiful way, my friend. I'll keep this as long as it's needed, and it'sgood to know I'm not alone, that some sweet pagan friends are with me. Loved your drawing, and Lucas felt all important that he inspired you to make it. :)

Kisses and have a nice weekend.

Nydia said...

And I'm so sorry about the fire in your area! I'll surely focus on sending healing vibes over there. It makes me sick when I see a forest being devoured this way by such a beautiful element. We had the same problem in Rio some days ago because some stupid people played with balloons that fell on the mountain and set a huge fire. Awful. Keep us posted about it, please.

Anne said...

Hi! I found you through Mrs. B's networking post- I live in Flagstaff too :)

I'm glad the fire's now mostly contained but it's still really depressing.

Ponderosa Pagan said...

Hey Anne. Are you by any chance related to a dan?
Because I believe I know you. We haven't met yet, but I would love to meet if you would like to. And yes it is horribly depressing but I was happy to hear the rain came after I id some energy work on it.