Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chant to Bast

This is a chant I found in a book (can't remember the name) and it is to the Egyptian goddess Bast aka Bastet. As I found out yesterday she helps to remind people to play when they get to serious. Being a cat goddess she must be associated with play! As cats are so energetic (only when they do play) I can see the connection.
In Ancient Egypt she used to be represented as a lioness goddess. But when the upper kingdom was conquered she became a cat goddess. It is said by Herodotus that her temple was situated in a lake of sorts. One three sides of her temple was water. There were two rivers flowing and a lake forming. This was called an isheru. It was common to find around Lioness Goddess temples.
Bastet is sun goddess and although she is now a cat goddess she has no problem being fierce and putting on her lioness mask!

The chant I found is called Bast Chant for Liberation

Feline Goddess, Cat-like Bast,
Give me what I need at last.
Scratch through mental knots that bind,
Bring independence to my mind.
Claw through ropes that hold me tight,
Bring liberation to my life.
Help me let go of what is old
And venture forth, reborn and bold.
Help me live my life in truth.
Bast, I ask these things of YOU!

I think it is beautiful and hope others will use it!

Blessed be!


Lyn said...

Thanks for posting the chant - I'm going to scribble it down somewhere to put in my BOS.

Blessings, Lyn

Ponderosa Pagan said...

Awesome! I hope it brings you liberation! I have found it to be useful

Wendy said...

Bastet is one of my patron goddesses and I have statues and images of her all around my house. I love this hymn to her. I'll be using this prayer to her. Did you also know she's the a goddess of perfume and sexuality? Rowwwrrrr ;)

Ponderosa Pagan said...

I did not know she was the goddess of perfume and sexuality! that is great though!!!! Thanks for letting me know ;)

Ponderosa Pagan said...
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A. said...

I love that as I'm reading this, I just had to break up my cats from playing too roughly with each other.

Bast is one of my dear Patrons as well. I am mostly familiar with the Greeks, but She is with me, for some reason.

I enjoy your blog!

Christopher Michael

Ponderosa Pagan said...

Thank you so much Christopher! I am glad you stopped by to check it out!
I am used to working with various greek ideas so I am glad I got to experience some Egyptian influence!

Carmen Esposito writing as Leandra A. Reyes said...

Thank you for posting the Bast Chant! I will make a note of it. I'm glad that you mention that she was originally a lioness Godess, not many people realize that. The domestic cat symbol is so common now that it's rare to find a Bast statue that is a lioness. I finally found one at a Christmas market last year. Not only is her head golden but she has the round ears and square jaws of a lioness!


Danielle said...

This is great! Goddess is my chosen goddess :3 Now I finally found a chant for her.