Thursday, December 23, 2010


Two nights ago my lap top was stolen. To be honst I felt violated.I was so upset when I realized what had happened. I am now starting to deal with this better but I just don't understand. I feel betrayed because it was at my house and there were only 5 people over. I met them this semester, but don't know them well enough to call them friends. I did not invite them over but what can we do. I am just hoping that whoever took it had a good reason. The universe has its way of evening things out and in the mall today I found $43. I miss all my picures and just feel like someone could be looking at them. I am going to do a protection spell I think becuase it is gonna make me feel better.
It is going to be hard to post items for a bit so don't hold it against me. I will talk to you all soon.
Blessed be!


Aine O'Brien said...

Oh, that is just terrible!! I'm so sorry - that is such a violation, and so absolutely wrong for a guest in your place to steal from you. I do believe that when these kinds of events occur, the universal laws take over, and as I like proclaim "no good will come of this" (meaning towards the person who committed the crime.) I will Work with the universe towards the return of your computer. Until then I will miss your posts.

Lyn said...

I am so sorry to hear your news. I really hope it gets returned to you quickly.

Wendy said...

Oh Christian, I'd be so angry if that happened to me. I've heard more stories through the blogosphere about computers esp. laptops being stolen than usual. I realize it's Christmas and people need the money, but remember although this is no consolation that we're in Merc. Retro and Mercury is the god of electricity and thieves. I know doesn't help. Maybe a conversation to Mercury and asking him either to replace your old one with a better one or that the one stolen is returned a.s.a.p. with everything in tact.

A. said...

I'm so sorry about that! I had a bicycle stolen from me once, and I remember feeling so very violated. It was awful.

Wendy makes an excellent point about Mercury being in retrograde and the correspondences with His rule. And as hard as it may be now, you're going to grow and learn from this experience and be the better for it.

And the thieves have a three-fold whammy coming to them sooner or later, so take that to heart.

MoonbeamDancer said...

I am so sorry,I know how hard it is when you lose all those things kept on a laptop (mine got wiped out when the dogs dumped a glass of tea on it and nothing was able to be recovered), I can't imagine the pain of having it taken my someone, it is so personal. They will pay, of that I am sure. Warm hugs and thoughts coming your way.

Fiona said...

I would be so upset if I lost my laptop. I often wonder if I should backup my files by using one of those online storage places. When someone your acquainted with violates you, I think it's worse then being robbed by a stranger. I hope the new year brings you some positive energy and balance's things out for you.

Blessings Fiona

Ponderosa Pagan said...

thank you all so much for the advice and the positive energy. The computer was returned and I think tricky Mercury had something to do with this ;)!