Saturday, June 25, 2011

Drumming into my Heart

Drums. What beautiful entities they are!
I have never worked with drums before in my life but thanks to my wonderful mentor Madrone I have had the most joyous experience since they have entered into my life.
Over a year ago Madrone had the vision come to her through spirit that a Mother Drum was being called to come into exsitence in the Flagstaff area and she was to create this with a drum council. Together eight womyn were holding space to birth this be-ing
for the Flagstaff community. They worked together with the spirit of the drum to see what She saw the Flagstaff community needed.

On the weekend of May 28th the drum was birthed. 15 Womyn were a part of this process and two other mother drums were there to witness the birth of their sister. Buffalo Heart and Otter Woman played as the womyn birthed Sacred Yellow Drum (that is her name until the drum council receives another one). The other mama drums are part of a group called Woman's Way Red Lodge. If you have not heard of them please visit their website and find out more about them. Here is their LINK. Supporting groups this like are important on our pagan paths and some of you might even be called to start similar groups in your areas.

Sacred Yellow Drum was played for the first time on June 12th in the first drumming into the seasons and she was amazing.
Her Medicine is already being felt by myself and others in the area. At the sunrise ceremony when we welcomed her into the world Otter Woman and Buffalo Heart surely touched me in ways that are indescribeable and I am forever changed because of them.

For my graduation Madrone got me a frame drum made with Goat hide and it is beautiful. She sits on my altar and she herself has experienced the healing powers of the mama drums.
On summer solstice a small group of us went out to the peaks and celebrated the sun in ritual with Sacred Yellow Drum (SYD) and other drums. I brought along my drum (she doens't have a name yet) and was excited to play her while SYD was playing. The ritual was lovely especially as the sun was going down. I played many songs on SYD and then decided it was time to take my drum and head on out to do some playing for the sun. I am not sure what came over me but I started singing a song. I couldnt believe creating a song all because I was with SYD and my drum. In my tradition we call it being "sung" because the song comes from some spirit, most likely my drum or SYD but the song came through and I went with it. My mentor wanted to hear the song right away but I explained I was nervous and that I only had one line. So when I got home the next day I decided to have some time with my drum. Next thing I knew I was singing the song again and chose to right it down this time. Two days later the song was complete and I have never been more proud of myself or more amazed. The song is called Magical Mother Earth and evolved into a sort of call to the directions. I will put up the lyrics and perhaps a video or me singing it at a later date. If you chose to sing this please remember that I worked very hard and do not mind sharing just hope that you will honor and respect my hard work and the intention of the song.
This picutre is where the song came to me!

Magical Mother Earth
Goodbye brother Sun,
Brother Sun

We Welcome Sister Moon,
sister Moon.
We the people guided by your light
call on you for your great insight.

Ancestos of the Drum,
of the Drum
Bring your wisdom,
Help us through the day into night...

Great Fire Spirit, in the south
Enliven our senses, to your flame
Awaken us to our voice deep within

Wonderful Water, of the West
Womb of the Mother, we seek rest
Purify our hearts and our minds....

Whispering Winds of East,
sing your song
Carry the breath of change to our hearts,
Inspire new growth, on hte future horizon.....

Magickal Mother Earth, home of life
Resting place of Ancients, we seek peace
As we walk down our path in the life,
Strengthen our steps with your ancient might!
Copyright Ponderosa Pagan

That is the song. Hope you enjoy! I will post the video soon!
If you have not picked up a drum before Isuggest doing so. They are beautiful bright spirits that long to sing with you!


Sylvanna said...

The words seem very calming. I look forward to hearing it.